Apple iPad 32GB WiFi + 4G, gold

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  • 9,7-дюймов 2048х1536 Retina экран
  • 8-мегапиксельная iSight камера
  • Аккумулятор работает до 10 часов
  • 1,8 GHz двухъядерный A9 процессор
  • 4G LTE 

Данный товар архивирован и заказать его нельзя.

Learn, play, surf, create. iPad gives you the incredible display, performance, and apps to do what you love to do. Anywhere. Easily. Magically.

Stunning Retina display
Whether you’re enjoying photos, shopping, or building a presentation, the vivid 9.7‑inch Retina display has the detail and size to really bring them to life.

Fast, fluid performance
The 64-bit A9 chip delivers performance that makes every app feel fast and fluid. Explore rich learning apps, play graphics-intensive games, or even use two apps at once. All while enjoying up to 10 hours of battery life.

Apps for everything
Every iPad app has been designed specifically for the power and scale of iPad. And with so many great iPad apps in the App Store, there’s sure to be an app for whatever you love to do.

A mobile, modern OS
iOS 10 is the most advanced, intuitive, and secure mobile operating system in the world. It’s so capable, you can work and play using two apps at once, ask Siri to send a message for you, and automatically back up your files with iCloud so you can access them anywhere. And it includes built-in apps that help you get more out of iPad.

Advanced security at your fingertip
Your fingerprint is the perfect password because it’s unique and always with you. Touch ID lets you unlock your iPad instantly and secure private data in apps. You can also use it to make purchases with Apple Pay in apps and websites.

Front and back cameras
Taking photos and videos with iPad is a snap. Use the 8-megapixel camera to shoot detailed images or 1080p HD video, then edit them right on iPad with Photos, iMovie, or your favorite app from the App Store. Or use the front-facing FaceTime HD camera for video calls and gorgeous selfies.

Work across devices
iPad works seamlessly with your other devices. Start an email on your iPhone and finish it on iPad. Or copy images, video, and text from your iPad, then paste to your nearby Mac. You can even use AirDrop to share files wirelessly — and instantly — between devices.

Durable and portable
At just one pound and 7.5 mm thin, iPad is designed to go wherever you go. And it’s as durable as it is portable, with an aluminum unibody construction that delivers a reassuringly solid feel.

Stay connected
iPad is designed to stay connected wherever you go. Fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi delivers up to 866-Mbps throughput. The Wi-Fi + Cellular model supports LTE networks worldwide for convenient connectivity. And Apple SIM lets you easily connect to wireless networks in over 140 countries and regions, right from your device.

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Программное обеспечение

Операционная система
iOS 10
Магазин приложений
App Center


Размер экрана
Тип экрана
Retina HD экран
Разрешение экрана
2048 × 1536
Точек на дюйм
264 ppi
Поверхность экрана
Сенсорный экран
Multi-touch сенсорный экран


Apple A9
1800 МГц
Количество ядер

Оперативная память (RAM)

Объём оперативной памяти
2 ГБ

Внутренняя память

Встроенная память
32 GB
Гнездо для карты памяти

Передача данных

Беспроводная сеть
WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual band
Мобильный интернет
2100 MHz (B1)
1900 MHz (B2)
1800 MHz (B3)
1700 MHz (B4)
850 MHz (B5)
2600 MHz (B7)
900 MHz (B8)
700 MHz (B12)
700c MHz (B13)
700b MHz (B17)
800 MHz (B18)
800 MHz (B19)
800 DD MHz (B20)
1900 MHz (B25)
850 MHz (B26)
700 APT MHz (B28)
700de MHz (B29)
2600 MHz (B38)
1900 MHz (B39)
2300 MHz (B40)
2500 MHz (B41)
Скорость передачи мобильных данных
150 Mbps (Скачивание) [LTE Cat4]
Bluetooth 4.2


Датчик освещения
FM радио
Датчик идентификации по отпечатку пальца Touch ID


Apple Lightning
3,5 мм два в одном аудио вход/выход


Задняя камера
8 мегапикселей
Разрешение видео
[FullHD] 1920 × 1080 30p
Другие функции
Замедленное видео
Запись местоположения
Распознование лиц
Выбор точки фокусировки
Time-lapse видео
Передняя камера
1,2 мегапикселей

Источник питания

Тип аккумулятора
Литий-полимерный аккумулятор
Емкость аккумулятора
32,4 Wh
10 часов
Через гнездо Lightning

Размеры и вес

Ширина (мм)
Высота (мм)
Глубина (мм)
Вес (г)


Материал корпуса
Погодная устойчивость
Рабочая температура
0 – 35 °C
Кабель Lightning - USB
Зарядное устройство USB

Коды продуктов

Код производителя

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