Sony a7R III тело

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  • 42-мегапиксельный полнокадровый EXMOR R BSI CMOS сенсор
  • 4K UHD 3840 × 2160 25p видеозапись
  • Серийная съемка 10 кадров в секунду
  • 399 фазы- & 425 точки AF
  • 0,5" OLED видоискатель, 3,68 миллиона точек

Данный товар архивирован и заказать его нельзя.

Sony a7R III тело Sony a7R III тело
Back-illuminated 42.4 MP full-frame sensor
The 35 mm full-frame Exmor R CMOS image sensor features 42.4-megapixel resolution, back illumination and gapless on-chip lens design for extraordinary sensitivity and dynamic range, anti-reflection (AR) coating on sensor seal glass, and other innovations that unleash the sensor's power to make images look realistic.

Further enhanced image processing engine
The latest front-end LSI makes data readout from the image sensor approximately two times faster and the BIONZ X image processor is now about 1.8 times faster. Enhanced image processing realizes lower noise and further extended dynamic range across a wide sensitivity range of up to ISO 32000 (standard ISO, expandable to ISO 50-102400 for stills).

A quantum leap in AF performance
An evolved image processing system and α9 camera. AF algorithms optimized for the α7R III improve AF speed, precision, and tracking performance. 399 phase-detection AF points and 425 contrast-detection AF points provide high-density wide-area coverage. Up to approximately two times faster AF speed and two times more precise AF tracking performance let you capture and maintain focus on nimble wildlife in unpredictable motion. The α7R III also autofocuses reliably down to EV-3 brightness.

Eye AF with doubled tracking performance
Eye AF's enhanced precision, plus two times greater AF speed and AF tracking performance15 further assist you to easily shoot a portrait of a moving subject using AF-C even during continuous shooting, and even if the subject looks down and away from the camera, or is backlit with face in partial darkness.

Up to 10fps with AF/AE tracking
With new shutter unit and image processing system refinements, the α7R III can shoot continuously at up to 10fps with AF/AE tracking (up to 8fps with minimal display lag in live-view continuous shooting mode) for easy, stable shooting of even intensely active subjects. An electronic shutter allows silent, vibration-free shooting of wildlife when even slight noise can mean missing an ideal shot.

Up to 76 images in continuous shooting
Greater buffer memory, system speed, and UHS-II support allow the α7R III to capture up to approx. 28 uncompressed RAW, or 76 compressed RAW or JPEG images, in a continuous burst at 10fps.

Clear, natural, realistic 4K movies
For high-resolution 4K movies with minimal moiré and jaggies, Super 35 mm mode with full-pixel readout without pixel binning condenses approximately 1.8 times the amount of data required for 4K movies (QFHD: 3840 x 2160). Advanced image processing makes it possible to record full-frame 4K movies with dramatically improved image quality in the mid-to-high ISO range, so you make the most of the 4K movie format's unique potential in every shot.

Supports a wide range of needs in HDR movie production
Supporting a wide range of HDR movie production needs, the α7R III offers S-Log3, as well as S-Log2 gamma curves for more flexibility to express images through grading operation in post-production, and a new HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) picture profile for instant HDR workflow.

AF-ON button and multi-selector
The AF-ON button activates autofocus without any half-press-shutter-button focus sequence, so you can concentrate better on exactly when to release the shutter and capture the moment instantly. A multi-selector lets you shift the point of focus quickly and efficiently. You can select and shift the point of focus intuitively, so you won't miss great chances to shoot moving subjects.

Pixel Shift Multi Shooting opens a new world of resolution
Applying mechanisms and control technology of image stabilization, this new feature composites four separate pixel-shifted images that contain total data equal to approx. 169.6 million, or 42.4 million x 4 (RGGB), pixels to reproduce a single optimal still image of super-high resolution, detailed texture, balanced color, and realistic atmosphere, with minimal moiré and color artifacts.

In-body 5-axis image stabilization with up to 5.5-stop shutter speed advantage
Now more effective than ever for the α series, this comprehensive system compensates for five types of camera shake that tend to blur images. It effectively achieves 5.5-stop-faster shutter speed, so the α7R III can take full advantage of its 42.4-megapixel and live-view image performance.

Dual slots with UHS-II compatibility
This camera provides two media slots for SD card (UHS-II-compatible for fast data writing) and SD/MS card, respectively. Two cards in the slots can be used to simultaneously record or relay record data, separate RAW data from JPEG data, or stills from movies, and copy data from one card to the other. The memory card cover is lockable to prevent it from being opened unintentionally.

3.69-million-dot, high-luminance Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder™
This approximately 3.69-million-dot Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder provides accurate detail, contrast, and black reproduction, while maintaining natural image brightness. High-quality mode, suitable for fine focus adjustment, takes full advantage of rich image data from the image sensor to display more natural high-precision images with minimal moiré and jagginess, so you can concentrate more on shooting. Furthermore, you can choose 120/100fps from the selection of frame rates for the viewfinder to make motion look particularly smooth.

Highly durable and operable in tough conditions
The α7R III functions reliably in challenging environments. Its body is fortified by lightweight, high-rigidity magnesium alloy top cover, front cover, internal frame, and rear cover. The number of lens mount screws has been increased to six for enhanced durability. Major buttons and dials are sealed. Sealing is provided throughout the body to minimize entry of dust and moisture.

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Эффективные мегапиксели
42 мегапикселя
Размер матрицы
Полный кадр
Тип сенсора
Exmor R CMOS
Размер матрицы
35,9 × 24 мм
Полноформатный кадр
Полный кадр
Кроп фактор
Соотношение сторон
3 : 2
Можно выбрать так же 16:9
Макс размер изображения
7952 × 5304
Мин. размер изображения
2592 × 1728
Процессор изображения
100 – 32 000
Расширяемый ISO 50 – 102 400
Оптический фильтр низких частот отсутствует
Удаление пыли
Цветовое пространство
Adobe RGB


Байонет объектива
Sony E-байонет
Совместимые объективы
Объективы Sony FE
Объективы Sony E (с режимами crop)
Объективы Sony α (с адаптерами)
Объективы Minolta & Konica Minolta α/MAXXUM/DYNAX (с адаптерами)


Стабилизатор изображения
Дизайн стабилизатора
Sony SteadyShot Inside
Направленность стабилизатора
Мощность стабилизатора
5.5 ступенчатый


Тип сенсора фокусировки
Гибридный TTL автофокус с распознованием фазы и контраста
Точек АФ
399 пунктов с обнаружением фазы
425 точки фокусировки
Рабочий диапазон АФ
-3 – 20 EV
Режимы АФ
DMF (прямой мануальный фокус)
Помощь при ручной фокусировке
Focus Peaking
Увеличение фокуса
Фиксация автофокуса
При нажатии на кнопку спуска наполовину
AF-L/AE-L с кнопкой
Выбор точки АФ
Wide (399/425 points)
Средняя точка
Гибкая точка (большая)
Гибкая точка (средняя)
Гибкая точка (маленькая)
Расширенный выбор точки
Выборочный с сенсорного экрана
Распознавание лиц
Точная настройка АФ
Да, с адаптером LA-EA2 и LA-EA4
Вспомогательный свет AF

Замер экспозиции

Замер экспозиции
Оценочный замер с 1200-зонной КМОП матрицей
Охват замера экспозиции
-3 – 20 EV
Мульти-сегментный (оценочный)
Светлые зоны
Фиксация экспозиции
При нажатии на кнопку спуска до половины
Кнопка AE lock
±5 EV
1/3 или 1/2 EV шаг
Брекетинг экспозиции
3, 5 или 9 кадров
1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1, 2 или 3 EV шаг


С электронным управлением
Вертикально подвижный затворв фокальной плоскости
Электронная первая шторка
Скорость затвора
1/8000 – 30 сек
Тихая съемка


Режимы съемки
Приоритет диафрагмы
Приоритет выдержки
Мануальный режим
Режимы съемки
Серийная съёмка (Сверхбыстрая)
Серийная съёмка (быстрая)
Непрерывная съемка (средняя)
Серийная съёмка (медленная)
Автоспуск 10 сек
Автоспуск 5 сек
Таймер на 2 секунды
Непрерывная съемка при автоспуске
Цифровые фильтры
Серийная съемка фото
10 fps [Супер быстро]
8 fps [Высокая]
6 fps [Средняя]
3 fps [медленная]

Баланс белого

Замер баланса белого
Обнаружение с помощью матрицы CMOS
Режимы баланса белого
В тени
Лампа накаливания
Лампа дневного света (4)
Под водой
Температура цвета (2500 – 9900 K)