Watch Series 9 GPS + Cellular 41mm Midnight Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band - S/M

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Apple Watch Series 9 Smarter. Clearer. Stronger. The most powerful chip in Apple Watch history. A new, magical way of touchless interaction. The display is twice as bright. Now available with the option to combine the case and strap in a neutral carb

Apple Watch Series 9




The most powerful chip in Apple Watch history. A new, magical way of touchless interaction. The display is twice as bright. Now available with the option to combine the case and strap in a neutral carbon finish.

Completely new SiP S9 chip

The power of progress.

Specially designed by Apple, the SiP S9 chip makes the Apple Watch Series 9 even more versatile, faster, and more intuitive. The new dual-core CPU has 5.6 billion transistors, which is 60 percent more than the S8 chip. And the new quad-core Neural Engine processes machine learning tasks up to twice as fast, enabling further innovations, including the new double-tap gesture.

New Gesture

Magic. In your fingertips.


With gestures, controlling the Apple Watch is even easier, even when your hands are occupied. Just double-tap with your thumb and index finger to, for instance, answer a call, open a notification, or play and pause music.

  • Start or pause music while carrying groceries.
  • Answer a call while kayaking.
  • Pause a timer while baking.
  • Reply to a message while walking the dog.
  • Check the Smart Stack while holding a child.

2x brighter

Clearly a breakthrough.

The advanced Series 9 display achieves a maximum brightness of up to 2000 nits, twice as bright as the Series 8. This makes reading in direct sunlight easier. In low light, such as in a cinema, the display also excels as it can reduce brightness to just one nit.

Find your misplaced iPhone effortlessly.

The Precision Finding feature, which also utilizes ultra-wideband technology, will now guide you to your iPhone, showing direction and estimated distance. When near the phone, tactile feedback, chirping sounds, and a graphical indicator will help locate it.

watchOS 10



The refreshed watchOS 10 allows you to see more on the watch screen than ever before. Nearly every app has been completely redesigned to accommodate more information at a glance. When you rotate the Digital Crown on any watch face, the Smart Stack with widgets containing essential and current information will appear. And with access to vision and mental health information, you can monitor both your body and mind's state.

Straight from your wrist.

The first neutral carbon product from Apple.

Thanks to continuous innovations in materials, clean energy, and low-emission transport, the Apple Watch is now available in neutral carbon case and strap combinations.


Important information at your fingertips.

The Apple Watch helps you better understand your physical and mental well-being, and health data is stored with care for confidentiality and security. So when you share them with your doctor, friends, or family, you retain control over them.


The power of motivation.

Any workout you can think of is on your wrist. To start exercising, just a tap is enough. All the motivating indicators for further activity are visible in personalized views. And the durability of the Apple Watch ensures that when you give your all, it keeps up.


Help. You have a watch, you have it.

If you fall, are in a car accident, or urgently need help, the Series 9 will summon emergency services.

Supported operating systems iOS
Supported operating systems watchOS 10
Matrix type OLED LTPO Retina
Internal memory 64
Camera No
Connectors None
Battery life 18
Wireless communication LTE
Wireless communication WiFi
Wireless communication Bluetooth
Color Other
Weight 32.1
Dimensions 41 x 35 x 10,7 mm
Wireless communication UMTS
watch strap 41 mm
Processor SiP S9 chip with 64-bit dual-core processor
Sound Built-in speaker and microphone
Battery Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery Up to 18 hours Up to 36 hours in low power mode
Compatible with iPhone Xs or later with iOS 17 or later
Accessories included Midnight aluminum case Sports belt Magnetic USB-C fast charging cable for Apple Watch (1 m)
Other features The dimensions and weight given are for the envelope
Functions Sensor with an app to measure blood oxygen saturation Heart rate sensor using electrical impulses and ECG app Third generation optical heart rate sensor Notifications when your heart rate is too high or low Arrhythmia notifications Sleep stages Temperatur

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